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A new hydropower project aims to help the country reach its goal of providing access to electricity for 88% of its people by 2022.

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The World Bank is ramping up financing for energy access, with support for mini-grid and off-grid projects growing the fastest.


The country has invested heavily in green energy through solar home systems, irrigation pumps, and mini-grids.



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Energy Sector Management Assistance Program

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) offers advisory services, knowledge, and toolkits for energy policy makers.

Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership

The World Bank is part of a global initiative to reduce gas flaring at oil production sites around the world.

Extractive Industries and Poverty Reduction

The Extractive Industries practice facilitates the industries’ contribution to poverty alleviation and economic growth through good governance and sustainable development.

Unlocking Clean Cooking and Heating Solutions Key to Reaching Sustainable ...

Nearly 2.9 billion people in the developing world still use polluting fuels like wood, coal and charcoal to cook and heat their homes.

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