Without an urgent and concerted global effort to build human capital, people are in danger of being excluded from future…




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Pandemics, climate change, conflict. The world faces threats that can only be solved through cooperation and coordination across borders.

Since its founding, The World Bank Group has evolved to meet new challenges to ending extreme poverty and creating opportunity for all. Along with a vast network of worldwide partners, we continue to adapt with new innovative lending approaches, partnering with the private sector to expand funding for development, and responding to global threats that affect rich and poor alike.

“For we shall prosper individually, only as we prosper collectively” - Eugene Meyer. First World Bank President.

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Marta Mueller Guicciardini
World Bank External Affairs, Rome
Via Labicana, 110
00184 Rome, Italy
+39 06 7771 0205
[email protected]
Dirk Reinermann, Program Manager
Office of the Vice-President, ECA, Washington, D.C.
+1 202 390 6609
[email protected]
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