The reconstructed city staircases, financed by the World Bank, both enrich the city architecture and improve movement of people.


Regional Director Linda Van Gelder spoke at the Bank of Albania Annual Conference about financial inclusion.


Growth projections in the Western Balkans region for 2018 have been revised upward and are now estimated to reach 3.5%. Growth was stimulated by higher public investment and consumption, while countries with higher growth rates boosted them mostly by investment and exports. Over 90,000 jobs were created in the first half of 2018, with new employment mostly in industry and services.


Kosovo and Albania are expected to grow at 4% this year. At 3.8%, Montenegro’s growth is projected to be 1 percentage point higher, although still lower than last year. Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be stable at an estimated 3.2%. Serbia’s economy has rebounded to 3.5% growth after last year’s weather-related slowdown. Macedonia’s growth also rebounded to 2.5%, as investor confidence was Restored.



Maryam Salim

Country Manager, Albania

Drita Dade

Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist

Gazmend Daci

Senior Energy Specialist

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